Who’s that dude behind plagtools.com?

The one with a tiny yet bold mission:

To save the world from plagiarism and duplicated content

Hey, I am Liam!

A college instructor and independent editor based in Bedok, Singapore, I specialize in academic research and writing. That’s why we all are here: like me, you want to protect your texts from duplications as well as avoid accusations of plagiarism, don’t you?

The problem is as old as Adam:

Students, educators, academic as well as web content writers – all they hazard diplomas, careers, and reputation every time when submitting works for a review or publishing them online. With the illimitable ocean of words on the web, your chances to plagiarize something (unconsciously even though) are high.

What you need is a reliable plagiarism checker to avoid troublesome copyright issues, and that’s what my plagtools.com is all about.

I have a strong passion for precise writing. A big fan of ed techs, I’ve created this website of plagiarism checkers reviews for you to find, compare, and decide on the best tool, able to save your works from duplications.

My attention to detail is extreme, and I continually learn what’s new in the niche. My students describe me as striving for perfection and having a keen eye for synonymization. (Don’t tell them, but I am no slouch at disclosing a poor paraphrase as well.)

When not teaching or editing, I enjoy being outdoors, walking my dog Martin, watching art films, and experiencing new adventures together with my beloved girlfriend Harper.

Get in touch through Twitter and Facebook, or drop me a line at [email protected]