We totally understand students who do not feel like paying for online services, preferring to spend money on something else instead—entertainment, for example. Really, how many students purchasing a plagiarism checker subscription do you know? Young people often have little money, and when every penny is counted, one has to look for cheap or even free solutions for their needs. Perhaps, this is the logic the developers of DupliChecker.com were guided by when creating their plagiarism checker. It is completely free, but as it always happens, there is still a cost to pay. In this specific case, it is the quality of checking for plagiarism, and the overwhelming amount of distracting banners and ads, overfilling the website to the extent when it becomes annoying.

The overall grade we conferred DupliChecker.com with is a humble 5 out of 10. Below you will find out why.

Plagiarism-Checking Algorithm

Comparison base

Unfortunately, we did not manage to get the information about the search engine used by DupliChecker.com from the support team, and the website itself only states that the scans are performed throughout the Internet. This is a basic scanning option, which implies that no databases of students’ works in universities and libraries are used for comparison.

Comparison algorithms

The service is incapable of recognizing even the slightest changes in word order, so if you want to conceal plagiarism, simply do this little trick, and DupliChecker.com will rate your paper as 100% unique. Seriously, we changed the order of only a few words, and the program boldly reported, “0% plagiarism found,” even though the text was entirely copy-pasted.

The same goes for changing words to their synonyms. If you have a sentence sounding like, “My wife hurried to the mall,” just change it to, “My wife rushed to the mall,” and DupliChecker.com will recognize it as totally unique .

And finally, paraphrasing is not recognized as plagiarism as well.

Words Order
Recognition of the significant parts of a paper

What can be more significant in an academic paper than a reference or a quotation? Well, all those quotes and sources you have been selecting and formatting according to MLA/APA styles so carefully can be easily marked as plagiarism by DupliChecker.com. There are many advanced plagiarism checkers that do this, because their developers understand that each source or quotation can be cited in thousands of different papers, written by students all over the world; unfortunately, DupliChecker.com treats any reference or quote as plagiarism.

Algorithm evaluation

It is remarkable how a plagiarism checker cannot perform its major functions well.


Time of checking

For its poor quality of plagiarism checking, DupliChecker.com needs a surprisingly considerable amount of time for scanning—up to two minutes, and rather often there are significant delays, when it seems that the service is lagging. Of course, many other plagiarism checkers need even more time, but at least their checking results are satisfactory—which is not the case with DupliChecker.com. Besides, there is no progress indicator at all, so you never know whether your work has been checked for 10 minutes already, or the service is just down.

Report convenience

The main idea of providing plagiarism checker users with reports is to help them figure out how much of their work has been recognized as plagiarism, and in which parts of the text the matches have been found. Well, it seems like the developers of DupliChecker.com did not know about it, because the reports on the website are godawful. Not only do they not highlight plagiarized fragments (sometimes even the advanced plagiarism checkers don’t), but they do not show the overall percentage of plagiarism. We wonder what the purpose of DupliChecker’s reports is in this case, because it is absolutely impossible to understand how much of the work has been plagiarized.

You might think, “Well, at least it provides the list of sources in which plagiarism has been found.” It does, but in a clumsy and lopsided way. Why bother highlighting plagiarized fragments of text in the list of sourcesif you cannot compare it to your text scanned by DupliChecker? Looks like the developers tried to say,” Hey guys, we’ve got a puzzle for you.”

Usability evaluation

Mediocre scanning time and poor quality reports is a no-no for a plagiarism checker.

Website’s Functionality

Text input methods

There are not too many ways you can input your text for scanning on DupliChecker.com. In fact, there are just two of them: via uploading .docx or .txt files, and by copy-pasting your text onto the website. We recommend you using the latter.

Report download

You can neither download, nor share your report after the program has finished scanning your text for plagiarism. In other words, the report you get after the scan is finished is meant for your eyes only. Classified. Top secret. Burn after reading. We do not know the reasons of such decision, but it makes working with the report uncomfortable.

Working with the report

DupliChecker.com does not seem to possess any advanced algorithms of plagiarism checking, so it cannot recognize quotations and references. So, it marks them as plagiarism, and respectively, there is no such function in the report as “Turn off quotations/references highlights.” Also, you cannot exclude any sources from the list of plagiarized works, and you cannot run multiple, simultaneous checks—every time you need to check a paper, you will have to run a separate scan. Altogether, it all looks rather sad.

Functionality evaluation

Seriously bad.

Prices, Guarantee, Safety

Price of the service

After all that we have experienced while testing DupliChecker.com, we expected it to be a paid service; you know, the further we go, the worse it becomes. However, the service is completely free, and it seems to be surviving due to selling places for ads and banners. Okay, there are many services out there that are free and do not provide superior-quality checks or any extra convenience—but at least they are stable. So, it is disappointing how DupliChecker.com can completely freeze for seemingly no reason every now and then.

Money back guarantee

Not needed.

Usage safety

Well, the good news here is that DupliChecker.com does not save any scanned works to its database, so you can be sure working with it is safe.


Due to the service being completely free to use, and because it does not steal your works.


Overall Plagiarismcheck.org Evaluation

It is a bit difficult to grade DupliChecker.com. We have been harsh on it, criticizing it severely, although there have been some positive moment while working with it as well. After some debates, we decided to evaluate DupliChecker.com as 2.5 out of 5, expecting the website to improve in the future.

  • Free-to-use policy is one of the biggest advantages of DupliChecker.com.
  • The service highlights areas of plagiarized text in the list of sources.
  • The list of sources is not actually useful.
  • Plagiarism reports are awful, they have no information about the parts of your text that contain plagiarism.
  • There is no indication of the overall plagiarism percentage, and no time indicator.
  • The time and quality of plagiarism checks is mediocre.
  • The service freezes sometimes, so it becomes arduous to get to the results of the scan.

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